Services & Pricing

Bailey’s Groom Service provides complete salon service for your dog at each and every appointment, including:

  1. A snout-to-tail assessment, with detailed notes kept;
  2. A bath with the best quality shampoos and conditioners;
  3. Breed-appropriate trimming, shaping or de-shedding;
  4. Cleaning  of your dog’s teeth and ears;
  5. Trimming and smoothing of nails;
  6. A tear-less antioxidant facial scrub;
  7. Use of only safe, biodegradable, and high-quality products appropriate to your dog’s coat and skin;
  8. A relaxing and rejuvenating shiatsu-style massage;
  9. Calming music and lavender aroma therapy;
  10. Recommendations to the pet owner about grooming tools and techniques;
  11. My undivided, one-on-one attention.

All of this brought to your front door at the time of your choice. No need for you to worry about transportation, the safety of your pet, or the quality of the service.

Owner/operator Kent Bailey is professionally trained and certified by both the American & Nash Grooming Academys.

Pricing is based on the dog’s breed, size, age, coat condition, temperament and services provided. Please call me to discuss your pet and to get a quote for your first appointment.


Bailey’s Groom Service provides mobile pet grooming for the Santa Cruz area. Our Service area extends from Scotts Valley in the North to Larkin Valley & Corralitos in the South. Since our truck is large and very heavy we cannot provide service to homes which do not have an adjacent large & flat parking area, or which are on very narrow or steep roads.  Regrettably our service-area does not currently include: Towns of the San Lorenzo Valley or Watsonville.

  • We build our calendar around regular and repeat grooming appointments of 2, 4, 6 or 8-week intervals. When a regular customer must make a last minute cancellation we will try to fill in with one-time-only appointments.
  • Each Groom Service appointment is at your home, and will always include: a full assessment of your pet, a hydro-massage bath, trimming and styling, brushing of of teeth, ears cleaned (and flushed if needed), and both trimming and filing of nails.
  • Because we need to preserve a healthful environment for both other dogs and our groomers, we are not able to accommodate seriously ill dogs, or dogs with active major infections or infestations.
  • We do not do shave-downs (a very close cut) on double-coated breeds such as Goldens, Labs, Malamutes etc because we believe they can been injurious to a dog’s skin and lead to infections.
  • We will ask to see evidence of current vaccinations at the first appointment.
  • Final pricing will be based on your dog’s breed, size, age, coat condition, temperament,  provided services, and frequency of grooming.  Below are some general pricing guidelines:

*(Your actual cost can be determined after the we have had chance to assess and work with your pet at the first appointment.)

General Pricing Guidelines

  1. Small: $65-$105 (From a well-behaved short-haired dog to a long-haired styled or double-coat breed, perhaps with special needs, roughly 1-20lbs)
  1. Medium: $75-$135 (From a well-behaved short-haired dog to a long-haired styled breed, perhaps with special needs, roughly 25-55lbs)
  1. Large:  $85-$155 (From a well-behaved short-haired dog to a long-haired styled or double-coat breed, perhaps with special needs, roughly 60-85lbs)
  1. Extra Large: $105-$175 (From a well-behaved short-haired dog to a long-haired styled or double-coat breed, perhaps with special needs, roughly 90-120lbs)

(Giant breeds such as Great Danes or Borzois, or larger St Bernards and Great Pyrenees, will not fit comfortably on our table or in our bath)

  1. Cats: $85-$135 (From a well-mannered shorthaired cat getting and Bath & Brush, to a longhaired breed getting a de-shedding or a styled shave-down)